New Year New Me

Hello my fellow curly headed ladies and bloggers, after a long 8 month hiatus I’ve decided to refresh my blog with some much needed TLC and updates!

After I got my hair cut around May of 2016 I struggled with my self confidence quite a bit. I thought cutting my hair would make me feel liberated again, however it made me feel quite the opposite. While my hair looked great when straightened; it just looked frizzy, undefined and triangular shaped when curly. I stressed about this so much, I felt like a completely different person! I had never really played around with different styles up to this point, so one day when I was in a rush for both work and school, I threw it up in a quick top ponytail and viola, my curly headed cure was found. The pineapple bun, as the curly haired community refers to, saved my time, sanity and self- confidence! Everyone from friends to coworkers told me how cute and different my hair looked and all I had to do was a simple high ponytail!


Photo by: Susanna Jenkins.

Over the next couple of months my hair grew strong and healthy, I maintained shape, shine and strength with weekly $1-$2 deep conditioning treatments from the local grocery store. My favorite by far was Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula. I would apply this after cleansing my hair and leave for 30 minutes to an hour, after my hair was everything the three S’s could possibly be.

As my hair grew and I began to become more comfortable with my newfound shape I came across an ad to model for a well known magazine intended for curly headed ladies. Naturally Curly was looking for women in the greater Austin area to model their locks and on a whim I decided to send in some head shots. I was emailed back within days and a photo shoot was set up on South Congress in the heart of Austin, Tx. The photo shoot felt like a dream; here I was, someone who had rejected her curls for as long as can be, modeling them for the camera and realizing what true beauty is all about. I have never felt so empowered or gracious in that moment, to have the hair on my own head be seen as beautiful and unique, and anything but a standard commodity. 2016 was filled with nothing but change, growth and curly haired happiness, I can only hope 2017 is met with the same triumphs.

As always, stay tuned for future blogs and updates, I hope you enjoyed this post!


Source: NaturallyCurly Photo taken by: SkinnyWasHere

Sincerely, CurvyCurls


CurvyCurls Blogging & Stats

Hello lovelies, today I’ll be writing about my blog experience and the stats of my personal journey. CurvyCurls is my first blog and my baby! Through this blog I’ve done something I wasn’t able to before. I’ve shed light on my curly hair, the issues that came along with it and found a community of women who share the same struggles and joy.

While I have been on social media for quite some time, I’ve never used it to promote a blog. I was cautious to promote my blog on my personal Twitter account. However I noticed my views spiked every time I used this platform to promote. My most popular week was during the month of April with 20 views and 13 visitors. This was definitely effective in gaining blog attraction and followers. However I did notice that the days I posted on my personal Instagram account views were lesser than those of Twitter and looked grim in comparison. Instagram was not an effective tool for my blog, perhaps different endorsement would’ve been more useful! I wish I could use stats from this platform to see what adjustments need to be made, but unfortunately I could not find access.


Most popular post of the year

Even though I view this blog as a personal success, I still see room for major improvement. Photo quality, improved content and in-depth research on different curly hair types is what I hope to achieve. I would also like to include more slide shows and videos within my posts for a more realistic approach. My most popular post of the year was The Big Chop with 33 views, I believe it was so popular because the cover photo was a shot done with timing, quality and angles.

This blog has changed my outlook on social media and the world of blogging. The sites data was extremely useful in determining what attracted viewers based on cover photos and promotions. I was pleasantly surprised with the fluctuations in viewers and followers, I didn’t expect many to view or even get a taste of CurvyCurl thoughts. I hope to network and build connections with other curly-haired bloggers for the foreseeable future. My goal for this blog is to have my future employer google my name and find CurvyCurls as an impressionable blog that was started by a girl with a voice and some big hair. Thank you to every reader for keeping up with my posts, please stay tuned for more!

The Second Snip

Hello readers! Today I’ll be writing about my second major haircut and how it’s impacted my confidence and new hair care routine. I decided to get the second major haircut since my first transition because my hair was feeling limp, thin and my split ends were never-ending. I decided to go a stylist at JC Penney who’s cut my hair from the start to end of my transition. I was very excited about this haircut because I’ve always favored short hair and I didn’t want to hide behind length; however I was also scared because I had never had it this short with curly, healthy hair.

I was extremely nervous the morning of my second BC, would it look okay, would I be able to manage my new texture? As I watched my hair fall on the floor in snippets my curiosity and excitement grew; I couldn’t wait to get home and wash it! As I ran my hands through my short do I was in shock and disbelief. What had I done, why had I cut my beautiful curls? The cut was cute when it was straightened but when curly I felt like a prized poodle.


Second BC

My new curly hair changed my attitude and my routine. I was not prepared for the newfound thickness and volume in my texture. I did find some products that eased the first few weeks of my new cut. SheaMoisture Curl Smoothie, Ouidad Climate Control and Herbal Essence Mousse saved the day.While I wasn’t fond of my new short, curly do I grew to embrace the length and love the newfound freedom it gave me.

Detangling took half the time, my hair didn’t make me overheat and I felt like myself. Short hair is for the brave and will evoke self confidence that wasn’t present before. I realized I began to rely on my length to feel pretty and that’s not what hair is for, hair is an enhancement. The real beauty starts with you. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, please stay tuned for more and in the mean time you can check out fellow blogger/vlogger Jasmine Brown.

End of a Transition: Start Of a Journey

Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to discuss the end of my transition, what this meant for me and how I hope to inspire others to do the same. First, I would like to thank everyone who has been reading and keeping up with my posts. This means more to me than you would think!

Now back to business and the blog I’ve been so excited to post, the end of the transition road! After I cut off the last of the damaged ends at the mark of year one I was in shock. Curls were everywhere! I no longer had to wand anything. I could take a shower, do a quick routine and be out the door in no time. This was a huge deal for the girl who spent hours straightening and blow drying her hair to burnt perfection for a trip to the grocery store. The best part of this stage was that I finally felt like me, The curls I was born with and tried so hard to fix were back!


Healthy Curls after last Big Chop! Photo taken by Marisa Luna

I was no longer someone trying to be someone else, my curls were beautiful and rid of damage all together. The journey was not easy, as all of you know. Besides the tough  physical act of growing a new set of hair I still faced negative comments and people who asked me why I didn’t straighten my hair every day. The questions of my ethnicity also arose even more. I was accused of not being Mexican-American and even on occasion I was told I got a “perm”. This was heartbreaking for me because these comments and accusations were apart of the reason for my continuous hair damage. However I pushed past the scrutiny and embraced who I am and my culture. It is possible for a Latina to have thick, unruly, curly hair. There are many Latinas all around the world with different skin variances, hair type and back rounds.


The curls I was born with. Photo taken by : JC Penney Studios

I believed I shunned myself away from my curls and tried to hide them because I didn’t have see examples of curly hair in society. I remember looking at magazines like Seventeen and wondering how I could do a step-by-step hair tutorial when the hair being featured was always predominantly straight. Every style called for a straightener or a brush. Neither of which a curly headed gal can use. Thankfully times have changed and so have I. If you have curls, embrace them, love them and never let them go. I knew I was headed on the right track when I walked past a magazine that was titled “13 protective styles for natural chicks” I smiled. Thank you for reading and I will update you soon on my current routine and products!


The end of a  transition and start of a journey

1 Year In My CurvyCurls Journey

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be discussing the 8-12 months in my curly hair transition. I just recently had a haircut to trim off some dead ends but naturally left the salon with three less inches of hair. I haven’t been as happy with my curls as I was before but these 8-12 month pictures remind me of the leaps and bounds I have taken in my own personal journey.

Month 8 of my CurvyCurl journey was very exciting for me. The growth was phenomenal and new curls were bouncing everywhere overnight! The only problem I faced was frontal damage. The front section of my curls remained limp and dead, I had new beautiful curls but was forced to continue protective styles. I decided to take matters into my own hands and purchase a Remington Wand. I had an upcoming party and wanted to feel cute. The wand worked wonders, It blended in well with my curls and the compliments I received that night boosted my self esteem to astronomical heights.


8- 10 months. Wanded Frontal Section

As the months flew by I noticed the wand becoming less of a necessity and more of a habit. I tried not to use it every day as it is still heat and excessive use of heat is known to damage hair despite precautions. Due to the wand and letting my hair down I noticed new growth in my frontal section, something I had deemed impossible. I cut the wand cold turkey and my beautiful new curls began to emerge not only in the back, but the front as well. I stopped the use of protective styles and I believe my hair grew faster because I no longer need bobby pins and hair ties to restrict my hair.


11-12 months. Using the wand less and less! Photo by: Maria Moreno

I began to fall in love with my curls, people complimented me and told me that my curls fit my personality. They were right! However with all the incoming growth I began to notice my damaged ends more and more. I knew I needed to cut them as soon as possible so I began to wand them as much as I could to prevent it from showing. This was a problem because not only was I contributing to former damage but I believed hair length attributed to beauty. With the help of fellow curly hair blogger Alba I began to see that length does not matter, the curls do! I decided to do one last chop before I let my curls grow and grow, stayed tuned for the next blog and pictures of the end of my transition. Thank you for reading lovelies, stay inspired on your CurvyCurls journey!


Some Curls and a Review

Hello everyone, today I’ll be reviewing another fellow blogger with a common interest, CURLS! Thais is a fellow curly haired blogger who writes about product reviews, styling methods and healthy hair.


Curl On A Mission product reviews are honest, straight forward and provide the potential curly haired buyer with real time insight and results to show. Curl On A Mission blogs about different hot tools, sulfate free shampoos and effective drugstore products. All of which are essential to the classic curly headed gal who could use some help and save some money.

Curl On A Mission also provides the reader with amazing style methods. If you want a date night look, spring hairstyles or even learning how to sleep with your hair type, Curls On A Mission is your blog. Thais talks about her struggles with her own hair type and how difficult it is for curly haired gals to find a cute hairstyle. Thais’s step by step instructions and detailed tips will have you with a new cute do’ in no time.

Curls On A Mission is also there to guide you to healthy, beautiful hair. Heat protection, hair dye and hair loss are all problems women face. Thais guides the curly hair women through the process of maintaining healthy locks. Curls On A Mission will not sway you with false advertisements and the promise that you can damage your hair without repercussions.

Curls On A Mission is a great blog for all ladies of curly hair, if you’re natural, transitioning or deciding too, make the right choice and check her blog out! You won’t help but feel positive and ready to make a lifestyle change after you take on Curls On A Mission!


Middle Of The CurvyCurls Road

Hello lovelies, sorry I haven’t updated my posts in a few weeks, spring break has been crazy between SXSW and this humidty. I’ve been combatting the weather with my Renpure Coconut Gel and a little It’s A 10 Leave in. The Renpure helps my tight, coarse curls hold their combination shape and the 10 leave in adds much needed moisture and shine. I wonder what I did without these products before!

The sudden heat and early signs of summer bring my back to my 6-9 months of transitioning around this time last year. I wore my hair natural in a bun to school, work, etc. However, I wanted to look nice and feel confident for the big festivals in my area, such as SXSW and ACL. The problems that arose with my confidence were that I only felt it with straight hair. If you’ve ever been to Texas, you know the humidity and heat are no joke. Not a good combination for freshly straightened hair.

I had to give myself a harsh reality check, I could go have an awesome time with my comfortable, cool curly hair or I could suffer through the heat and feel self-conscious the entire time. I chose to embrace the fro and was pleasantly surprised to see some new growth at month six!


Month 6 of my BC

I also discovered that with the help of the Remington Wand I could wear my hair down, without any bobby pins or heat free styles. This was possible for my own hair journey because you control what curl the wand styles your hair as, and I matched the pattern very well to my own curls. Some women prefer not to use heat at all while on their natural hair journey, but some women, like myself will incorporate heat tools from time to time. Blogger FluffCoif helped me realize that heat is not always a bad tool, when used in moderation. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my upcoming review blog and months 8-12 of my transition!


The Early Stages

The early stages of my big chop were hectic, I had no clue how to deal with my now mixed texture hair. The cut looked nice when straightened, even cute.


Day 1 after my BC with straightened hair

However, when it was curly it was an awful combination of damaged front ends and curly sprigs popping up in the back of my head! My go to hairstyle for the following months would be twisting my bangs to back and trying to scrunch up the front section of my hair with all the wrong products.


Day 3 of my BC with natural hair


I began to feel discouraged in my personal journey of healthy, happy hair. Why didn’t I have automatic curls? Was my curly hair so damaged it couldn’t grow back? So I began to research my texture and learn what products to use, such as It’s a 10 Leave Miracle leave-in product, which provided touchable soft curls and Deva Curl’s Ultra Defining Gel, the product that gave my curly hair some shape.

The first 3 months of my big chop flew by. My curls were starting to appear on their own and I couldn’t help but feel more confident wearing my hair in it’s natural state. Unfortunately my hairstyle ranged from twisting back my bangs to a messy bun due to the length I was dealing with. However I was able to switch it up from time to time thanks to Youtuber Angela Lauren, Watch her video about quick every day styles so you can change it up from time to time!

Thanks for reading about the early stages of my big chop and stay tuned for upcoming posts about my new found growth and personal happiness with my curvy curls!


Month 3 of my BC, curls coming in nicely.  

The Big Chop

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about the big chop and my own personal encounter with the process. The big chop by definition is when you’re transitioning from damaged hair and you cut off the remaining dead ends to grow new, healthy hair. My first big chop happened on my trip back home from college. I was going through an existential crisis because handfuls of dead ends were literally tearing away from my hair, leaving the cut ragged and uneven.

The knots in my stomach were unbearable, I didn’t know who to see to fix the cut and what to do about it. I questioned if i should cut out hot tools cold turkey, or to just chop of the severely damaged hair all together. I chose the latter and booked an appointment with a master stylist at the local JC Penney. The look the stylist gave my head of hair only confirmed my worst fears, she asked if I had cut my hair myself. When the stylist revealed my new chin length cut I was both scared and excited, I knew the days of hurting my hair were over.

The next 6-8 months would be a flurry of basic protective heat styles that will show in posts soon to come! However, I did not go cold turkey with heat products while transitioning. I continued to straighten my hair every other week. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and please stay posted for the next post about my 1-3 month transition! Follow NaturalChix on YouTube for more tips and advice on dealing with curly hair!