Some Curls and a Review

Hello everyone, today I’ll be reviewing another fellow blogger with a common interest, CURLS! Thais is a fellow curly haired blogger who writes about product reviews, styling methods and healthy hair.


Curl On A Mission product reviews are honest, straight forward and provide the potential curly haired buyer with real time insight and results to show. Curl On A Mission blogs about different hot tools, sulfate free shampoos and effective drugstore products. All of which are essential to the classic curly headed gal who could use some help and save some money.

Curl On A Mission also provides the reader with amazing style methods. If you want a date night look, spring hairstyles or even learning how to sleep with your hair type, Curls On A Mission is your blog. Thais talks about her struggles with her own hair type and how difficult it is for curly haired gals to find a cute hairstyle. Thais’s step by step instructions and detailed tips will have you with a new cute do’ in no time.

Curls On A Mission is also there to guide you to healthy, beautiful hair. Heat protection, hair dye and hair loss are all problems women face. Thais guides the curly hair women through the process of maintaining healthy locks. Curls On A Mission will not sway you with false advertisements and the promise that you can damage your hair without repercussions.

Curls On A Mission is a great blog for all ladies of curly hair, if you’re natural, transitioning or deciding too, make the right choice and check her blog out! You won’t help but feel positive and ready to make a lifestyle change after you take on Curls On A Mission!


One comment

  1. Thaïs · March 19, 2016

    Thanks so much for the great review- much appreciated!


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